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May 20 13 12:12 PM

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Hello all,

I was wondering if there is any benefit to maintaining GIS data as a shapefile as opposed to maintaining a feature class within a geodatabase. I know the feature class allows one to use topology while the shapefile does not, but is there any reason to stay with a shapefile? I think perhaps the shapefile is more "portable" for agencies used to working with them, but perhaps there are other benefits as well. Thank you for any comments!
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Jun 25 13 9:33 AM

Personally, I would keep everything in a file geodatabase and export it to shapefile only if I had to.  Its easy enough to do when and as necessary.  While there are pros and cons to everything, the file geodatabase has more capabilities and is the direction ESRI is going.

Having said that, I guess it does depend greatly on the software you are using.  If you are using open source software, then the file geodatabase may not be the best option for you.  However if you are using ESRI software, then get on the band wagon so you are not left...

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