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May 1 13 10:25 AM

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If you have any comments or suggestions to improve the RECOVER web map application, please post them here.

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Jul 16 13 11:36 AM

From Dixie:

perhaps the capability to draw a bounding box on a statewide web map application and submit it from there would be a little more efficient than having a user create and email one.

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Jul 16 13 11:37 AM

From Brian

I am really amazed how fast and seamless the site runs and how easy it is to use.  Keep up the good work.  I also like how the data is clipped to the AOI I sent instead of the perimeter so that the data shows a bit outside the fire area (except of course for fire specific layers like severity).  


Perhaps in the future, when you get a perimeter, you could automatically buffer it a certain distance and clip the data to that to achieve a similar result to what we have with the 2 1/2 mile AOI.  


This may already be in the works or was discussed and I just forgot, but I think it would be the way to go.

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Sep 9 13 8:58 AM

The RECOVER project is an amazing product that will save lives and provide huge cost savings to any agency using it... I thank you for the opportunity to be a team member.  In an earlier email I had suggested the use of structures and parcel data services that are now being developed by the State of Idaho. I understand that this may be incorporated in the next phase of this project.   
Outstanding Job Keith & Team!!!!!
Best Regards, Dixie Booker-Lair

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